The 12 Month MBA – Is It Possible?

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There are many higher education providers who offer the Master of Business Administration (MBA), however there are also many time frames that you can complete it in. The smallest of which is the 12 Month MBA, which has students of a three year MBA wondering how this is all possible. The fact of the matter is, regardless of the time frame in which it is completed, every MBA will have the same amount of content and learning outcomes. This is necessary in order for the degree to be accredited and for the provider to be able to deliver it in a certain format. So in answer to the big question – yes, you can get your MBA in 12 months, and here is how.

Many of the most highly ranked universities in the world such as Oxford and Cambridge offer a 12 Month MBA programme. Traditionally, they experience high levels of success in terms of enrolments, completion rates and graduate outcomes due to the shorter nature of the commitment. The 12 Month MBA from the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) contains similar content to most Australian and International university courses, reinforced by the fact the MBA is fully accredited. Unlike traditional universities, the intensive structure of the course forgoes term and semester breaks, which in traditional MBA models constitutes a substantial amount of time during the course.

Traditional MBA models also involve several individual subjects being offered concurrently over a 12-week period. This constitutes ‘fulltime study’ and therefore means that the student is unable to work during this period due to the contact hours. For the busy working professional, learning is susceptible to external factors such as unexpected work or personal factors that could interrupt their study. The 12 Month MBA from AIB however is structured very differently with students completing only one intensive subject per month. This means the student must only focus on one subject at a time, in addition to their personal commitments.

This particular 12 Month MBA approach also helps in assignments and examinations. When the information is fresh in your mind, it is able to be recalled much easier. With the exam only one month after the commencement of the subject, complete focus is placed on one subject area. This also helps students who are returning to study, or who have never studied before as it allows complete concentration on one area of business.

At many universities, the 12 Month MBA is offered both in person and via distance learning. Each with their own benefits, the student is able to choose the option which suits their personal commitments best. It is clear that completing a 12 Month MBA is not impossible, and that the same high quality of content will be delivered regardless of which time frame you choose. If you can go without the lengthy holidays of a traditional university, the 12 month MBA may just be for you!




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