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Gold Fraud Alert: Authorities in Malaysia, Singapore raid gold trader Genneva's offices

From TheStar: KUALA LUMPUR: The authorities in Malaysia have raided gold trader Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd and its affiliates for suspected offences under the laws administered by the respective enforcement agencies. Bank Negara said on Monday the joint raiding operation was carried by the police, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, Companies Commission of Malaysia and the central bank. From the Central Bank of Malaysia: Members of the public are advised to be careful and not fall prey to these schemes. Be careful if these operators approach you with the following proposals: The approach may have been by mail, telephone, Internet or in person, but the intention is always the same, that is, to take money from unsuspecting victim for goods or services that they have no intention to provide.

Gold and Silver Alert

Gold, Silver and the 200-day moving average Some moving average lengths are more popular than others. The 200-day moving average is perhaps the most popular. You could use the simple moving average to identify support and resistance; and use the exponential moving average to identify entry. Gold price has reversed and; gold and silver have pierced thru the 200-day moving average. Its uptrend now. Wait for retracement or dip to long. This is a trend rider strategy . Close your long position when the price breaks thru the 200-day moving average support. Don't be too greedy and be careful of your lot size and expect silver to be volatile. Good luck and I hope you would thank me for your fortune.

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Get Free Cash - From Paid-To-Click Advertisements This is not one of those ‘Guru’ schemes ( you pay me to teach you stuff ) or 3-click push-button software system. In fact, it requires many clicks plus referrals to earn more than USD 1,000 per month. This Internet marketing strategy is called the ‘Paid To Click’ or PTC system. Yes, you get PAID by CLICKING! How to make money with Paid To Click ? You may have tried this system and your first impression is probably that it pays ‘peanuts’. However, you need to follow the instructions below in order to make serious income. You are to open multiple PTC accounts (links below) and you would see your income in multiple accounts grow with time. To be honest, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme or something that requires you to invest your hard earned money. This is pure effort and discipline. Ignore all those ‘upgrades’ that require you to pay. Just stick with the ‘free’ accounts. Once your referral network grows big enough, your

Forex in Malaysia

Forex or ‘ FX ’ in short stands for ‘ foreign exchange market ’. As compared to Stock Exchange where shares are traded, the Foreign Exchange market trades all kinds of foreign currencies or foreign ‘money’. Compared to the measly USD 74 billion a day trade volume of the New York Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market trade volume a day is USD 4 TRILLION. Forex in Malaysia Recent online news on forex in Malaysia: Malaysian-exchange-launches-options-on-crude-palm-oil-futures/ ...Malaysia is a hot destination for Forex brokers as it is home to over 100,000 traders in the world’s most liquid asset class (according to BIS Survey). Investors have been attracted to the high returns available in margin FX. Malaysia’s central bank does not regulate spot FX and recently published disclaimers outlawing Malaysians to invest in FX... Malaysian-central-bank-liberalises-foreign-exchange ...Malaysian retail investors have ben attracted to the growing online FX trading industry.

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Forex Strategies: Who has the Best Forex Strategy?

Forex Strategies: Who has the Best Forex Strategy? Hmmm…a simple question but a difficult one to answer. With hundreds of forex strategies , indicators, patterns and etc,; the question is who, how and what should we follow? The interesting thing about trading is that most parameters are measurable and can be analyzed i.e. how much you buy, sell, how long you hold the trade, what time-frame charts you are using, strategies and indicators etc. All trades can be compared and analyzed, provided the data given is ‘honest data’ and not some ‘Adobe photoshoped’ data/statements. There should not be any reason for ‘subjectivity’ when it comes to making money. Subjective terms i.e. ‘Most likely’, ‘probably’, ‘tendency to’ are not very helpful in comparing strategies. We need to put numbers to numbers, period. Market environment can change (there are basically two major market conditions i.e. ranging or trending) especially during major news reports. You can actually see the spike rea

Forex Traders Survey: What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Trader?

Forex Traders Survey  Firstly, we always hear that figure, 5% of forex traders are successful and 95% fail. It would be great if traders could get a handle on that and see where the truth is. And then secondly, are there some things that traders do, that we could be more aware of that relate to the profit. So, is there any principle for traders to follow to ensure that they could become part of that 5% winner? Obviously we've heard lots of other trading coaches and psychologists sharing various ways that forex traders can become part of the 5%. The following survey was to get 'numbers' behind it so it's not just a theory; it's actually something that we can observe; a behavior pattern that shows us the difference between the guys who are consistent in winning and everybody else. Forex Traders Survey Summary More than 700 traders were surveyed. Forex Traders Survey Source: 51% fai

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Should I apply for a credit card? (Malaysia)

If you have been walking around in shopping complexes long enough, most likely you would have encountered promoters trying to get you to sign up for a new credit card (plus a free gift). Sometimes, you would probably encounter promoters promoting credit cards from various banks. Should you go for it? There are good points and there are bad points. Let me begin with some good points: It’s better than borrowing from “Ah Long”. You would need it if you or your loved ones need to get admitted to a private hospital. Private hospitals will need a deposit before they do any major procedure on you. Or else, you will be transferred to the government hospital. Further, most of us do not carry so much cash in our wallet. You would need it if you are suddenly jobless for whatever reasons and you have no extra cash. Living in a city means you can’t plant your own vegetables and hunt for meat. Almost everything cost money!  The bad points:

How many banks in Malaysia are offering credit cards?

Maybank HSBC UOB CIMB RHB Citibank EonBank Alliance Public Bank Affin Bank Hong Leong Standard Chartered OCBC AmBank MBF Bank Islam Aeon BSN Bank Rakyat Read More: Credit Cards in Malaysia

OCBC Bank vs a credit card debtor in Sarawak

This is a minor case with a relatively small loan of RM 9,000. It's a bit funny that the bank is going after a RM9,000 debtor instead of going after the much bigger corporate debtors probably owing the bank in hundreds of millions. Maybe the bank has a perfect 0% corporate non-performing loans. Is the bank interested to bankrupt the RM9,000 debtor? To be a bankrupt, his total debt must me above RM30,000. That's why the amount has been accumulated above the RM30,000 mark? This case is weird, may not be as simple as that. More than meets the eye. Read more here on bankruptcy law. The morale of this case is that the debtor could have contacted the Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (an agency set up by the Central Bank of Malaysia). This case could have been easily managed by the agency. ........................................................................................ Lawyer cries foul over debtor's legal trouble Free Malaysia Today A court case init

A short story on management, power and common sense.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful island with only two people on it. There was more than enough fruits in the jungle and more than enough fish for them to fish every day. Both of them will take turn to go out to find food and the other will do the cooking. The system was working fine and life was simple and peaceful. Then one day, a plane crashed near the island. Ten people managed to survive and they managed to swim to the island. Now, things are getting a little bit more complicated now. There were 12 people now (10 + 2) and things now need to be ‘organized’. However, one of them was a flight marshal and he has a ‘gun’ with him. So he said, ‘I have a gun and I am the most powerful here. Everyone needs to listen to me!’ So, he was ordering everyone around by threatening them. He gets to eat without really contributing to the team. Then one day, while he was asleep; his gun was stolen from him. So, now, there is a new ‘boss’ and the new boss now is in charge and get to

What is Balance Transfer? (Credit Cards in Malaysia)

A balance transfer allows you to transfer the ‘credit card balance’ that you owe in one bank to the other bank. This service allows you to reduce the interest (17.5% per year) that you are paying the banks to as low as 0% for 3 months. However, please take note that the ‘0% for 3 months’ will expire after three months and the interest will return to 17.5% per year. The following are some of the *balance transfer programs available: Banks Balance Transfer Rates Balance Transfer Tenure Maybank 0% per month 3 months Public Bank 0% 6 months Eon Bank 2.99% onetime interest charge 6 months RHB 3% onetime interest charge 12 months Citibank 3.99% per year 9 months *Note: Please check with the banks for updates.