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Get Free Cash - From Paid-To-Click Advertisements This is not one of those ‘Guru’ schemes ( you pay me to teach you stuff ) or 3-click push-button software system. In fact, it requires many clicks plus referrals to earn more than USD 1,000 per month. This Internet marketing strategy is called the ‘Paid To Click’ or PTC system. Yes, you get PAID by CLICKING! How to make money with Paid To Click ? You may have tried this system and your first impression is probably that it pays ‘peanuts’. However, you need to follow the instructions below in order to make serious income. You are to open multiple PTC accounts (links below) and you would see your income in multiple accounts grow with time. To be honest, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme or something that requires you to invest your hard earned money. This is pure effort and discipline. Ignore all those ‘upgrades’ that require you to pay. Just stick with the ‘free’ accounts. Once your referral network grows big enough, your

Forex in Malaysia

Forex or ‘ FX ’ in short stands for ‘ foreign exchange market ’. As compared to Stock Exchange where shares are traded, the Foreign Exchange market trades all kinds of foreign currencies or foreign ‘money’. Compared to the measly USD 74 billion a day trade volume of the New York Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market trade volume a day is USD 4 TRILLION. Forex in Malaysia Recent online news on forex in Malaysia: Malaysian-exchange-launches-options-on-crude-palm-oil-futures/ ...Malaysia is a hot destination for Forex brokers as it is home to over 100,000 traders in the world’s most liquid asset class (according to BIS Survey). Investors have been attracted to the high returns available in margin FX. Malaysia’s central bank does not regulate spot FX and recently published disclaimers outlawing Malaysians to invest in FX... Malaysian-central-bank-liberalises-foreign-exchange ...Malaysian retail investors have ben attracted to the growing online FX trading industry.

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Forex Strategies: Who has the Best Forex Strategy?

Forex Strategies: Who has the Best Forex Strategy? Hmmm…a simple question but a difficult one to answer. With hundreds of forex strategies , indicators, patterns and etc,; the question is who, how and what should we follow? The interesting thing about trading is that most parameters are measurable and can be analyzed i.e. how much you buy, sell, how long you hold the trade, what time-frame charts you are using, strategies and indicators etc. All trades can be compared and analyzed, provided the data given is ‘honest data’ and not some ‘Adobe photoshoped’ data/statements. There should not be any reason for ‘subjectivity’ when it comes to making money. Subjective terms i.e. ‘Most likely’, ‘probably’, ‘tendency to’ are not very helpful in comparing strategies. We need to put numbers to numbers, period. Market environment can change (there are basically two major market conditions i.e. ranging or trending) especially during major news reports. You can actually see the spike rea

Forex Traders Survey: What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Trader?

Forex Traders Survey  Firstly, we always hear that figure, 5% of forex traders are successful and 95% fail. It would be great if traders could get a handle on that and see where the truth is. And then secondly, are there some things that traders do, that we could be more aware of that relate to the profit. So, is there any principle for traders to follow to ensure that they could become part of that 5% winner? Obviously we've heard lots of other trading coaches and psychologists sharing various ways that forex traders can become part of the 5%. The following survey was to get 'numbers' behind it so it's not just a theory; it's actually something that we can observe; a behavior pattern that shows us the difference between the guys who are consistent in winning and everybody else. Forex Traders Survey Summary More than 700 traders were surveyed. Forex Traders Survey Source: 51% fai