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Best Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens Malaysia 2022

While it is generally known that getting some form of life insurance while you are young and healthy is a financially responsible move, a less common conversation revolves around insurance for the elderly. Should those in their golden years be covered by insurance? Is it even worth the money? Is Life Insurance For Senior Citizens Important? Life insurance is generally seen as a means to be an income replacement tool for your dependents in the event you pass away or suffer from total and permanent disability (TPD). Ideally, as you enter your golden years, you would likely have few or no dependents and little to no commitments – both these factors mean less incentive to get life insurance. In reality, that’s never the case. That 35-year home loan still has a number of years left, or there may be a car loan or other debt that needs servicing for the foreseeable future. Some form of life insurance can protect your loved ones from sudden financial shocks like taking on these loans. On the o

Best Dental Insurance in Singapore 2022

If you are looking for the most reputable and trusted dental insurance plans in Singapore , we've got you covered. Dental procedures in Singapore can be very expensive, so it’s highly recommended to secure dental insurance to offset these costs. The cost of private dental treatment in Singapore Public dental facilities in Singapore are modern and of a very high standard, but most expats prefer private dental clinics because of the added value benefits they provide, such as the superior quality of service and shorter waiting times for specialist treatment. Fees charged at these facilities do come with a steep price tag, and uninsured patients could easily be charged astronomically high out-of-pocket fees. Dental fees will vary depending on the type of treatment you require and the clinic you choose to visit. For an informative overview on the range of fees charged for dental procedures, you can visit the  Ministry of Health  website for further information or contact the dental clin