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Why Take Your MBA in Singapore?

(Edublogs) - In today’s global market there are a seemingly endless number of choices to make when deciding where to go to graduate school. In today’s economy it is clear that an education is the key to obtaining good employment. It is also true that the more advanced your degree is, the better your job prospects are. The first simple reason is for career advancement. An advance degree is the key to career advancement and the increase in salary that goes with it. Everyone who starts out in business would like to obtain the education and skills necessary to be a business leader, begin their own business, and earn that corner office. Colleges and universities are everywhere these days. Many specialize in business. Traditional brick and mortar institutions even face stiff competition from newer, online universities. They have the advantage of age and establishment. Many employers look for the names of established institutions on the resumes of those they hire and

MBA courses in Singapore

--> (CoursesinSG) - When you're considering an MBA, one of the more important factors to take into account would be - the rankings of the business school or institution that you're applying with. Top schools and institutions are much more difficult to get into, they require higher GMAT scores, good past academic performance, full-time work experience, interviews by faculty members, etc. The benefits of studying in a high ranking business school include - recognition by employers, access to the best resources and professors, a higher standard of education, and more. The following are the top MBA programs and business schools in Singapore, they're all officially recognized by the local government. Local Universities NUS MBA The NUS MBA is one of the top ranked MBA programs in Singapore. They have a globally-oriented curriculum, and many opportunities for students to study internationally. The program is offered at NUS Business School, and it's available in 6

Facebook Marketing Singapore – Guide to Facebook Marketing (Basic to Intermediate)

If you Google “Facebook marketing singapore’, you will get a list of Facebook or social media marketing agencies and some workshop providers and Gurus on Facebook Marketing. Before you decide to spend your big-bucks on Facebook marketing on your online or offline business in Singapore, do feel free to go through the following list of free resources below in order to understand the basics. Hopefully, the following Facebook Marketing resources will speed up your learning curve in Facebook marketing and your digital marketing strategies; and also to make a better decision in deciding which Facebook marketing agency or social media agency to work with and which Guru to choose to support you further. In this blog post and the external resources (links), you will find out how to: Use Basic Features of Facebook Use Facebook for your business Protect your privacy Set up a Facebook Page Get people to like your Facebook Page Build a Facebook Landing Page Organize an event on Facebook

Content Marketing Malaysia: How to create content that sells

Although content marketing is still a rather new concept in Malaysia, it is a growing trend in the US. Most businesses in Malaysia will outsource the content marketing to either an advertising agency or a public relations (PR) agency. Most of us will tend to focus on generating leads for the sales team to close the leads. But we all know that not all leads will convert to sales. The main objective of the sales team is to close more customers. Therefore, content that helps your sales team bring more revenue to your company needs to be effective and different than your typical branding-focused content. Doug Kessler, has put together the following presentation to help answer those questions. Flip through it to learn how you can make your content less about marketing and more about selling.  Irresistible content for immovable prospects from Velocity Partners All the Best! Related posts What your Internet Marketing Guru didn’t tell you! 5 ways to generate free traffic: In