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How to hire a mobile app developer in Malaysia?

Got an idea for a new  Android  mobile app? Trying to figure out how to make an app you’ve produced on a different platform compatible with Android? If you have anything in common with us, it’s pretty likely you’re not quite sure where to find the best Android developer, let alone develop the app yourself. Odds are pretty high that you’ll have to hire some outside help. To make the process a bit smoother for you, we’ve put together a helpful list of what you should look for. Please feel free to check out  Mobile app developer Malaysia . Some of these tips apply to developers in general, while others are specific to Android programmers. While they might not be appropriate in every single case, we think that, more often than not, they’ll help you land the right developer for your project. #1 Familiarity with Android Open Source.  This is a big one. Android runs an extremely large and useful open source project that lets you customize, reuse, and borrow code that will make the app-bu