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How to create NFT in Malaysia 2022

In 2021, Malaysian artist  Red Hong Yi  sold her art piece  Doge to the Moon  for RM325,000. The piece – a large printed Chinese Yuan, with Mao Zedong replaced by viral internet meme Doge – was a non-fungible token (NFT). With  Doge to the Moon  auctioned off on  cryptocurrency exchange Binance, to the highest bidder who bought the piece in Ethereum, we have been left wondering if NFTs are something more artists should consider. If you’re a digital artist who feels his/her art is being undervalued, and if you’re tired of creating constant content for Instagram in the hopes that it could make you some money, perhaps NFTs are the solution.  So…what are NFTs? We have an  entire explainer going into NFTs  and the culture around them, as well as an explainer on  the blockchain technology that NFTs use . You don’t have to study every word in them, but the rest of this guide will make references to things like Ethereum, proof of work, and other similar concepts that you’ll get a better unders