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Cheapest Universities for International Students in Malaysia 2018

This post is part of our Study in Malaysia series. You can find other related articles here:  Study in Malaysia  series. An undergraduate course from the main campus of a UK university will cost approximately £ 13,470 (USD 17,438) . On the other hand, the same course from the Malaysian campus will cost less than £ 7,000 (USD 9,062) on an average. The content of the course will also be the same. The exact same evaluation criteria and marking schemes are applied to both campuses. The only significant difference is the cost. Moreover, living expenses and other costs are also relatively lower in Malaysia when compared to countries like UK, US, Singapore and Australia. Selecting the right course in the right university is not an easy task. If you are interested to study in Malaysia and in need of someone to remove all the guesswork for you,  schedule a free call with our Education Consultants now .   List of Low Tuition and Cheap Universities in Malaysia Below is a list of affo

Study in Malaysia for International Students

This page contains guides and relevant links to resource articles for study in Malaysia for international students. This study in Malaysia series will cover various topics and new topics will be added on a regular basis.  The process of applying to enter Malaysia as a student is simple. The 80,000 international students from more than 100 countries studying in Malaysia is testimony that Malaysia is a friendly place for international students. Students are advised to consult the student counsellors or relevant representatives of the institution on the type of programmes offered and its entry requirements. Also, find the budget that best fits your needs. Malaysian institutions offer many options that will meet most students' requirements. Assistance for the application for Student Passes and Visas to  enter Malaysia is usually provided by the institutions that a student has enrolled at. Cost of Living in Malaysia Aside from affordable tuition fees, another great reason to stu

Cost of Living for an International Student in Malaysia - Updated 2018

If you are trying to find out updated information on the cost of living in Malaysia , you are in the right place. the Aside from affordable tuition fees, another great reason to study in Malaysia is the relatively low cost of living. Kuala Lumpur has been ranked one of the least expensive cities in the world to live in. Whether you choose to live on or off campus, you will find that it is quite possible to live very comfortably within a budget of USD5,500 per year. To give you an indication, here’s a breakdown of living costs for students in Malaysia: Accommodation Your average monthly rental for a single room on a twin-sharing basis could be between USD100 and USD150, depending on the area, the type of accommodation and the facilities available. You should estimate about US$90 - 190 for your accommodation per month. The rental will vary depending on the geographical area, the type of accommodation (on-campus living in a hall of residence; or off-campus living in an apartment, con