A short story on management, power and common sense.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful island with only two people on it. There was more than enough fruits in the jungle and more than enough fish for them to fish every day. Both of them will take turn to go out to find food and the other will do the cooking. The system was working fine and life was simple and peaceful.

Then one day, a plane crashed near the island. Ten people managed to survive and they managed to swim to the island. Now, things are getting a little bit more complicated now. There were 12 people now (10 + 2) and things now need to be ‘organized’. However, one of them was a flight marshal and he has a ‘gun’ with him. So he said, ‘I have a gun and I am the most powerful here. Everyone needs to listen to me!’

So, he was ordering everyone around by threatening them. He gets to eat without really contributing to the team. Then one day, while he was asleep; his gun was stolen from him. So, now, there is a new ‘boss’ and the new boss now is in charge and get to ‘order’ everyone around to be his slaves. The ‘previous’ boss was angry and he wanted to get his gun back. Well, the new boss knew that he would try and he has to kill the ‘previous’ boss. The previous boss was shot on the head.

Then, the same thing happened again. While the ‘new’ boss was asleep, his gun got stolen from him. So now, there is a ‘newer’ boss. Again, the same thing happened. The new boss was killed by the ‘newer’ boss. This series of events got repeated over and over again. So as expected, everyone was killed and there is only one person left on the island. He could not survive as he was alone and there was no one to help him. In the end, he too died and there was no more human on the island. The island was peaceful and beautiful again. The End…



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