Cheapest Universities for International Students in Malaysia 2018

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study in malaysia for international students
An undergraduate course from the main campus of a UK university will cost approximately £ 13,470 (USD 17,438) . On the other hand, the same course from the Malaysian campus will cost less than £ 7,000 (USD 9,062) on an average. The content of the course will also be the same. The exact same evaluation criteria and marking schemes are applied to both campuses. The only significant difference is the cost. Moreover, living expenses and other costs are also relatively lower in Malaysia when compared to countries like UK, US, Singapore and Australia.

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List of Low Tuition and Cheap Universities in Malaysia

Below is a list of affordable and cheap universities in Malaysia. Check out the list below.
Note that tuition fees vary among universities and among programs. In order to make it easier for you to compare apple to apple and to give you an indication, we have chosen the Business related Degree Program for purpose of comparison.

#1 International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) - Kuala Lumpur

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons):
USD 12,000 (3 years, tuition fees whole program)


#2 Universiti Malaya (UM) - Kuala Lumpur

Bachelor of Business Administration:

USD 15,534 (3.5 years, tuition fees whole program)


Note: Universiti Malaya is the highest ranked university in Malaysia.

#3 Universiti Malaysia Perlis - Perlis

Bachelor of Business (Honours):
USD 5,000 (3 years, tuition fees whole program)

#4 University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka - Melaka

Bachelor of Technopreneurship Program:
USD 14,000 (3.5 years, tuition fees whole program)


#5 Universiti of Science, Malaysia - Penang

Bachelor of Management (Honours):
USD 21,360 (4 years, tuition fees for whole program)


Tuition Fees

Generally, studying in Malaysia is cheaper than many countries, with average tuition fees currently standing at USD 4500 per year.

Although the costs of private programs in Malaysia tend to be higher, they are very much affordable comparatively, while offering the same value. For example, if you undertake a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Monash University’s Malaysian branch campus, it would cost US $9,222 a year. While at the original Monash University in Australia, the price would be more than double currently $23,000 per year.

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