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Get Free Cash - From Paid-To-Click Advertisements

This is not one of those ‘Guru’ schemes (you pay me to teach you stuff) or 3-click push-button software system. In fact, it requires many clicks plus referrals to earn more than USD 1,000 per month. This Internet marketing strategy is called the ‘Paid To Click’ or PTC system. Yes, you get PAID by CLICKING!

How to make money with Paid To Click?
You may have tried this system and your first impression is probably that it pays ‘peanuts’. However, you need to follow the instructions below in order to make serious income. You are to open multiple PTC accounts (links below) and you would see your income in multiple accounts grow with time.
To be honest, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme or something that requires you to invest your hard earned money. This is pure effort and discipline. Ignore all those ‘upgrades’ that require you to pay. Just stick with the ‘free’ accounts. Once your referral network grows big enough, your income would be substantial.
You just spend around 30 minutes per day and follow the 5 steps instructions below. You would earn an extra income of up to $1000, $3000 or more per month, enough to pay for your Internet bills.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register at all the PTC sites below, it is 100% Free.
1.     Globalactioncash
2.     ClixSense
3.     Incentria
4.     Ptcbox
5.     Buxp
6.     Wordlinx
7.     Clicksia
8.     Clixane
Step 2: Click all the advertisements offered by all the PTC sites (above links)
Spend around 15 minutes. Click all the advertisements offered by each PTC site and follow the instructions until the required count time. There are other activities for you to earn more. Go ahead if you are keen.

(PTC sites provide advertisements for members to click on daily basic (24 hrs.). After 24 hrs, the members are being provided different advertisements to click on or the same advertisements would be provided for the members to click on second time by the PTC sites.

Step 3: Promote your referral links or banners to get more referrals
The referral links are very important if you aim is to earn serious money through the PTC system. Bringing more direct referrals means earning more money.

The following is an example of my affiliate link:

You could contact me at if you need any assistance.

There are many ways to promote your referral link e.g. emails, Facebook posts or your blog posts.

The more referrals you have, the more money you will earn.

Step 4:  Repeat step 2 and step 3 everyday
Consistently do step 2-3 everyday, until you achieve your target Internet income to get more free cash. Furthermore, if you focus and put your effort on PTC AND get more referrals, you could earn a passive income of $500 USD - $3,000 USD per month.

Step 5: Cash Out
You need to have a PayPal account in order to withdraw your cash and transfer the cash to your local bank account. Opening PayPal account is Free. You can sign up for a free PayPal Account Here.


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