Forex Traders Survey: What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Trader?

Forex Traders Survey 

Firstly, we always hear that figure, 5% of forex traders are successful and 95% fail. It would be great if traders could get a handle on that and see where the truth is. And then secondly, are there some things that traders do, that we could be more aware of that relate to the profit. So, is there any principle for traders to follow to ensure that they could become part of that 5% winner?

Obviously we've heard lots of other trading coaches and psychologists sharing various ways that forex traders can become part of the 5%. The following survey was to get 'numbers' behind it so it's not just a theory; it's actually something that we can observe; a behavior pattern that shows us the difference between the guys who are consistent in winning and everybody else.

Forex Traders Survey Summary

  • More than 700 traders were surveyed.

  • 51% failed (losing money) and 23% successful.

Forex Traders Survey

  • To improve your profit, you need to do ‘post trade analysis’.
Forex Traders Survey

  • The number one reason for losing money in forex trading is ‘using too many trading systems’.

Forex Traders Survey

  • Level of stress is positively correlated with losing money i.e. if you are stressed up with your forex trading, you have high probability of losing money.

  • Less emotion = more consistent profit.
Forex Traders Survey

Forex Traders Survey

Forex Traders Survey

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