How to be a good manager?

You have just been promoted and now you have the title 'manager' as your position. What does that really mean? Do you need to have an MBA to deserve this?

Some managers may feel an elevated sense of superiority as they are now giving 'orders' but some may worry that they have to start cracking their head as they can no more 'wait to be told what to do'. For those who feel this 'false' sense of superiority, its better for you to realise earlier than late that you need to be humble now as your effectiveness now depends on a team of people and not you alone.

Let's get straight to the point. You probably are looking for some quick tips or some 'one minute manager' kind of thing on how to be a good manager. OK. Allow me to share my opinion and experience of managing people as well as being managed. As far as the MBA is concerned, you can leave that idea aside first because in my opinion, its the practical experience that is more valuable than the theoretical knowledge alone.

First thing first, as a 'manager' you are dealing with people. So, lets not forget that they are 'human' and they have feelings and dignity. Interacting with people is more complicated than dealing with 'machines' e.g. a technician or a 'techie' as most people would call them. So, before I share with you the MBA theoretical knowledge of management, marketing, finance, IT, economics, accounting, HR, business law, strategies etc., allow me to share with you some practical step by step strategy on your first day of being a manager.

Whether this is a new job or a promotion, you definitely have a superior that you will be reporting to. At a manager level, you are expecting to 'think'. No more just 'waiting the order' attitude. So, your 'boss' will ask you for a plan or a proposal. Don't worry or panic if this is your first time doing it. A plan is what you need to do for the next month, next 6 months or year. Depending on what your position is, you need to at least have a simple plan in mind. If you cannot even come out with a plan, I suggest that you better look for another job.

However, some companies may already have developed a plan and you are supposed to just implement it. OK that's fine. However, you still need to come out with a more detailed plan and to fill in the 'gaps'. It can be a 'marketing plan' or a "HR plan' showing what marketing events that you need to organize for the next 6 months or how many manpower that you need to recruit for the next 6 months. Once you have the plan ready, discuss it with your superior. Do not worry, there is no 'perfect' plan. You need to get feedback from your superior, colleagues and your team members with regard to the plan and to continuously improve on the plan.

Hope this short article helps and I hope you gain satisfaction by being a good manager.



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