Free Finance Course 2023

Incredible advancements in technology have catapulted us into the year 2023, where the internet has revolutionized the way we access information and knowledge. With an endless supply of resources at our fingertips, the possibilities for learning and growth are truly limitless. The world is at our feet, and we have the power to expand our understanding and change our lives in ways we never thought possible. Welcome to the age of boundless information, where the only limit to our potential is our own imagination.
finance free course

Free Finance Course: Built and Curated by Nicolas Boucher

Save 1000s of dollars.

Bookmark this and follow the curriculum below.

You want to learn Finance?

25 free lessons to make you more knowledgeable than 90% of the finance professionals.

1. Finance concepts made easy

2. How is Finance organized

3. Finance jobs

4. Finance career paths

5. Career advices for Finance

6. Accounting basics

7. Accounting principles

8. Understand Financial Statements &

9. Balance sheet

10. Balance sheet analysis

11. Income statement

12. Cash flow statement

13. Cash flow: direct vs indirect method

14. Cash KPIs

15. Accounting KPIs

16. CFO KPIs

17. Budgeting

18. Standard costing

19. Activity based costing

20. Cost reduction initiatives

21. Capital expenditure vs Operational Expenditures (CAPEX vs OPEX)


23. Working capital management

24. CFO checklist

25. Accounting checklist



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