12 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2022

If you are looking for the best credit cards in Malaysia, you've come to the right place.

Finding the best credit card to suit your spending style will help you get the most benefits and rewards for every RM you spend. This includes earning air miles for ever local and overseas spend, earning cash back on categories like Dining, Online Shopping, and Petrol to name a few, and earning rewards and discounts per RM spent.

We've analysed and reviewed these cards below to help you find the best match for your lifestyle.

Best Basic Credit Cards

1. Maybank 2 Gold Card

Why settle for one when you can get 2 cards? With the Maybank 2 Gold Card, you will get to enjoy the benefits of two cards which are the Maybank2 MasterCard and Maybank2 American Express Card. Only one sign up is required and you will be able to keep tabs on both cards through one statement. 


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Among the benefits of the cards are as below:
  • 5x TreatsPoints for spending on Maybank2 American Express Card in Malaysia and Overseas
  • 1x TreatsPoints for spending on Maybank2 Mastercard
  • Lifetime Fee Waiver for principal and supplementary cards
  • Two cards with one sign up and one statement: Maybank 2 Gold American Express Card and Maybank 2 Gold Mastercard / Visa Card
  • 5x TreatsPoints for spending on Maybank2 American Express Card (Weekend

2. BSN Classic Card

For a no-fuss basic credit card, why not consider the BSN Classic Card? You won’t have to worry about the annual fee as it is waived, and another plus point of this card is the low interest. Aside from that, you will also be entitled to free travel insurance and benefits when you purchase your travel tickets with this card.


  • Lost or Delayed Luggage (more than 48 hours): Up to RM1,000
  • Flight Delay (more than 6 hours): Up to RM300
  • Missed Connection (more than 4 hours): Up to RM300

3. UOB One Card

If you’re an entertainment lover and looking for your first credit card, this is the ideal card for you! You’ll get cash back when you watch movies at GSC and also when you pump petrol. Additionally, you can also save money when you charge your groceries to this card. 

The benefits of the UOB One Card are:
  • Unlimited cashback at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).
  • Maximum petrol spending of RM300 per month is entitled for cashback, valid at all petrol stations.
  • Maximum of RM1,000 spend on groceries and RM200 on telco will be entitled for cashback.
  • Cardholders also get to enjoy the SMART$ rebates for more savings.

Best Petrol Credit Cards

4. Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum MasterCard

Shop online, swipe on petrol and setup auto-billing to enjoy great rebates of up to 15% each month with the cashback card that's designed for the savvy user.

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Save money when you fill up for petrol and get other benefits too with Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum Card! 

Check out the savings you can get below:
  • Earn more than RM1,000 cashback a year
  • 15% Petrol Cashback
However, take note that there is a cashback cap for retail spending and a minimum petrol spend amount as stated above in order to be eligible for cashback.

5. Petronas Maybank Visa

This is another card you can consider to help you save on your petrol cost. 


You will also get additional privileges from this card as below:
  • 8x TreatsPoints on weekends
  • 5x TreatsPoints on weekdays
Plus point, the more points you collect, the more free petrol you can redeem!

6. Shell-Citi Gold Credit Card

If you want to save on your petrol spending and have exclusive privileges, this card may be the one you’re looking for. You can enjoy rebates of up to 8% on petrol per the terms below.


Tier 1 (Monthly cap of RM10)
  • Monthly Total Spending (RM) (Dining, travelling, bills, groceries): RM 300 - 999
  • Rebate on Shell Fuel Spending: 4%
  • Max. Monthly Shell Fuel Spending Eligible For Rebates (RM): 250
Tier 2 (Monthly cap of RM30)
  • Monthly Total Spending (RM) (Dining, travelling, bills, groceries): RM 1000 - 2499
  • Rebate on Shell Fuel Spending: 6%
  • Max. Monthly Shell Fuel Spending Eligible For Rebates (RM): 500
Tier 3 (Monthly cap of RM64)
  • Monthly Total Spending (RM) (Dining, travelling, bills, groceries): Above RM 2500
  • Rebate on Shell Fuel Spending: 8 %
  • Max. Monthly Shell Fuel Spending Eligible For Rebates (RM): 800
As a cardholder, you will also have access to perks like preferential treatment and discounts at over 25,000 dining, travel, golfing and shopping establishments worldwide!

Best Cashback Credit Cards

7. Hong Leong Wise Card

This is one of the best cards if you’re on the lookout for cashback. Enjoy 10% cash back with a minimum of 10 retails transactions monthly of minimum RM50 per transactions! The best part is that you get to choose the spending categories of your choice so this card can suit your spending habits and maximize your cashback!


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8. Public Bank Visa Signature

This is an ideal card for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Firstly, you can shop hassle free with the Visa payWave. Then you’ll get 6% cashback on local or overseas spending when you charge your groceries, dining and online spending to this card. But take note that cashback will be capped at RM50 per month.


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9. RHB Smart Value Card

If you’re looking for both a cashback card and a card that can reward you for shopping and entertainment, this is the card you should consider! Cashback information for this credit card is as per below:
  • 5% Cashback for Petrol, Groceries, Online & Utilities spend
  • 0.2% Cashback for Other spend

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Best Islamic Credit Cards

10. Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold Card

This is an ideal credit card for those looking for a basic card, or for those who want a basic and Islamic credit card. 


Features of this card are as below:
  • 5% rebate on petrol and groceries spend on Friday and Saturday.
  • Free Maybank Touch ‘n Go Zing card.
  • Cardcare Takaful plan which is available for all Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Visa and American Express cardholders. With contribution of RM0.28 a month for every RM100 of your outstanding card balance you will be covered of up to RM100,000. The coverage will be on your credit card debt in the event of sickness or accident.
As for the cashback, you will need to charge at least RM1,000 monthly to this card to receive the RM50 maximum monthly cashback.

11. HSBC Amanah Mpower Platinum Credit Card-i

If you want a card that gives you access to platinum privileges whilst being Shariah compliant, this card can deliver that to you.


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Spend RM 2,000 or less monthly
  • Petrol and Groceries Cashback rate: 2%
  • Monthly cap: RM 50
Spend RM 2,000 or above monthly
  • Petrol and Groceries Cashback rate: 8%
  • Monthly cap: RM 50
No minimum spending amount needed
  • Local spending cashback rate: 0.2%
  • Monthly cap: Uncapped
Benefits of this card is as below:
  • Good cashback program that helps you get the most of your purchases.
  • 20 day grace period for all shopping transactions, provided that all outstanding balance stated in the monthly statement from the previous month is fully paid.
  • The HSBC Smart Privileges gives you discounts, free gifts, free drinks and more at participating retail outlets and hotels.
  • Premium privileges and offers from Visa, among which are discounts and Visa concierge services.

Best Rewards Credit Cards

12. Citi Rewards Platinum Card

This is one of the best credit card for a reward hunter because it offers customisable categories where you get to choose how you earn your rewards. Cardholders will get 5x reward points when shopping at participating merchants which includes categories like shopping, entertainment, travel and more. Then, you get to use the points you’ve collected to spend at participating stores like Parksons, Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo and more as Instant Rewards. You could also use the points to redeem gifts, air tickets and cash voucher from the Rewards Catalogue.




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