How to hire a mobile app developer in Malaysia?

Got an idea for a new Android mobile app? Trying to figure out how to make an app you’ve produced on a different platform compatible with Android? If you have anything in common with us, it’s pretty likely you’re not quite sure where to find the best Android developer, let alone develop the app yourself. Odds are pretty high that you’ll have to hire some outside help. To make the process a bit smoother for you, we’ve put together a helpful list of what you should look for. Please feel free to check out Mobile app developer Malaysia. Some of these tips apply to developers in general, while others are specific to Android programmers. While they might not be appropriate in every single case, we think that, more often than not, they’ll help you land the right developer for your project.

#1 Familiarity with Android Open Source. This is a big one. Android runs an extremely large and useful open source project that lets you customize, reuse, and borrow code that will make the app-building process much easier, and there are plenty of open source libraries not directly run by android that are also extremely helpful. You and your developer don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you start a new app. Make sure your developer has familiarity with using Android’s Open Source Project, as well as some of the other libraries, so that you know your project will move along as efficiently as possible. If they’re involved in one of the libraries, particularly if they help fix bugs or improve security, it’s a sign that they’re extremely comfortable and proficient.

#2 Custom fit. Just because you’re hiring a freelancer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take into account how well they fit in with the rest of your office. They may not be staying forever, but they’re probably staying for awhile, and if you don’t like working with them, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to stay at the top of your game. When interviewing candidates, make sure to take stock of their personality, work habits, and ability to complete tasks in groups.

#3 Java Programming Language, and then some. Much of programming for Android is done over Java, so your developer should definitely be competent with Java and the Java Native Interface. That said, connecting your app to databases or converting it to different platforms will probably require other skills, including SQL and HTML. As a side note, you also want your developer to be familiar with different versions of Android, as well as different screen sizes. Make sure you cover all of these bases in your interviews.

#4 Prioritize talent. While you definitely want a developer with as many skills as possible, if you’re choosing between a really talented Java developer who doesn’t have as much experience with other languages, and a far less talented but slightly more well-rounded programmer, we’d recommend sticking with the former. A good developer can learn new skills on the job, and it’s not a huge jump from Java to other requisite skills for Android.

An inferior developer, no matter how well-rounded, is definitely going to slow your project down, either by taking too much time to fix glitches or by accidentally programming things incorrectly and then having to go back over their work.

#5 Check them out. It’s totally acceptable for you to request past work from a potential hire. And you should. Ask them about programming problems they’ve encountered, and what creative ways they’ve come up with to get around them. See how their products were reviewed, and how long it took to build them to get a good idea of their proficiency. It’s also a great idea to do some live skills testing during your interviews so you can get the best sense of their problem solving abilities and communication skills.

#6 Take care of the money ahead of time. This should be pretty obvious, but a good deal of companies still forget to take care of this important step. You absolutely need to work out a detailed contract before your developer starts working: otherwise, you’re going to end up in a pretty awkward position in which they have part of the code finished and refuse to give it to you without a higher wage.

#7 Use a hiring website. It’s hard to find a solid developer, and the more specific you get, the more difficult it’s going to be. Your best chance of getting a great developer for you team is to use a hiring site that connects employers and developers. There’s a pretty wide range of sites out there, but our favorite two are Toptal and Upwork. Toptal has two benefits over much of the competition: it hires developers from all over the world, and it has an extremely intense screening process that ensures all of its developers are proficient and maintain a perfect record.

Upwork is a good option if you’re project is relatively simple and you don’t need very high quality assurance. It operates as a marketplace where you can search for available talent by skillset and location and see client reviews and hours logged. The site doesn’t screen candidates for you outside of these reviews, so it’s up to you to vet candidates.

#8 Android interviewing guide. You should also read Android interviewing guide in order to help you identify those rare Android gurus who have this understanding and who can significantly improve the productivity and throughput of your project as a result.

Wrap Up

Given Android’s complexity, it can take a developer years to become truly proficient. Android offers enormous potential given its massive market penetration today and its rich framework. Finding Android Jedi masters is a challenge given their demand and the time it takes to become one. We hope you find the tips presented in this post to be helpful toward that goal as you search for elite, cream-of-the-crop developers.



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