5 common ways to generate free traffic: Internet Marketing Education Series

Traffic Generation

Feel free to view the following free videos on internet marketing traffic generation and learn at your own pace.

Traffic Generation Video Series Description (Part 1)

The following are 5 common effective ways to drive traffic to a website (although there are 50 videos in total, I have only shared the 5 common ways; minus the introduction video) . This series is perfect for newbies, and I hope just about everyone should come away from it having learned a trick or two.
Most of these techniques do not require you to spend any money as they are free to implement.

Video #1: Introduction to Traffic Generation

You could ignore the 'promotion' at the end of the video.

Video #2: Facebook Marketing

Video #3: Article Marketing

Video #4: Blogging

Video #5: Free Ads

Video #6: Press Release Distribution

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