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Smart tips from CIMB:

Online Identity Fraud / Phishing
  • Online Identity Fraud also known as "Phishing" occurs when fraudsters pose as trusted organizations and send out thousands of fradulent emails to random email addresses.
  • These emails usually contain a link to a look-alike website. These look-alike websites will trick bank customers to reveal sensitive information such as their user ID, password, TAC, etc. Compromising these sensitive information enables the fraudsters to access the customer’s bank account.
  • If you suspect you've been sent a fraudulent email, contact your local CIMB Bank customer service officer immediately or send us a secure mail after you sign on to Internet Banking. Our security team will investigate and work with the appropiate authorities to disable the fraudulent site as soon as possible.Do not input any sensitive information that might help provide access to your accounts, even if the website appears legitimate.
Phishing Mule

  • Basically a money mule is a person who receives stolen money from phishing victims.
  • The need for money mules arises as these criminals need to cover their trail. Mules act as a transit prior to the funds being sent abroad.
Facts you never knew:
  • Money mule is the hidden side of phishing. Online fraud depends on its offline component – people behind a syndicate laundering illegal money. The dramatic rise in phishing & identity theft is related to worldwide money laundering


Be very careful when responding to unsolicited emails you received. It could make you part of a phishing scam.

Phishers will hide themselves behind reputable organisations, to make their scam look legitimate, therefore be very careful before responding to any attractive job offers which you received via email.

The email will trick you to reveal your necessary personal and financial information. This information will be used to park stolen funds.

Once recruited, you’ll be used as cover for unauthorised funds transfer as paper trail will show that you are associated with the scam.

These job offers normally will inform you that you’ll be a collection agent for local or an overseas based company and your commission will be a certain percentage of the overall amount transferred to your account. The remaining funds are then to be transferred out via available funds transfer instrument such as Western Union or Moneygram.

Nigerian Advanced Fee Scam

This scam occurs when fraudsters, claiming to be government officials or business people, offer to transfer millions of dollars in "over invoiced contract" funds to potential victims in exchange for a small fee.

Victims may receive numerous official looking stamps, seals and logos testifying to the authenticity of the proposal. Typically, the victim is asked to provide a blank company letterhead, bank account details and money to cover transaction costs and attorney's fees.

Once provided, the fraudsters can use the victim's personal details to illegally withdraw funds, extort money or even use the victim's details in other frauds.

Sometimes the potential victim is provided access to a fake website which displays the funds ready to be transferred to the victim's account. The website, accounts and displayed funds do not actually exist.

Hoax emails

Hoax emails contain false warnings about some new virus or threat. The recipient is encouraged to forward the email to others. While hoax emails do not automatically infect systems like a computer virus, they waste the recipient's time and are disruptive to businesses and consumers. The best course of action is to delete these hoax emails.

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