Why Take Your MBA in Singapore?

(Edublogs) - In today’s global market there are a seemingly endless number of choices to make when deciding where to go to graduate school. In today’s economy it is clear that an education is the key to obtaining good employment. It is also true that the more advanced your degree is, the better your job prospects are. The first simple reason is for career advancement. An advance degree is the key to career advancement and the increase in salary that goes with it. Everyone who starts out in business would like to obtain the education and skills necessary to be a business leader, begin their own business, and earn that corner office.

Colleges and universities are everywhere these days. Many specialize in business. Traditional brick and mortar institutions even face stiff competition from newer, online universities. They have the advantage of age and establishment. Many employers look for the names of established institutions on the resumes of those they hire and frown upon degrees from online universities. That argues in favor choosing to attend a school in person instead of online. That requires a student to choose a real place to attend school, a second simple reason to look into going to school in Singapore.

So why is Singapore the ideal place to go to business school? The simple reason is the city of Singapore itself. It is a vibrant and thriving city. There are few cities as exciting to live in as Singapore. It is city that blends historic Asian influences and the cutting edge. Breathtaking modern architecture blends with ancient influences for a dramatic skyline. Singapore is a paradise for foodies as well. Eastern and western cuisine can be found at every corner and ranges from the finest restaurants to unique and delicious street food. Shopping in Singapore is also quite an experience with everything from designer labels to designs that are unique to Singapore. With a vibrant art scene, a multi-cultural heritage, zoos and parks that have exotic wildlife, exciting sports, racing, water to cool off, a glamorous nightlife and a family friendly entertainment there is something for everyone in Singapore. After all, even the most serious and ambitious student needs time to unwind, have some fun and experience local culture!

Naturally studying for an MBA isn’t all fun and games! It is important to give some consideration to the business atmosphere in the city that a business program is located in. Are businesses thriving there? Are there opportunities for a student of business to pursue internships and employment while studying in the city? In the case of Singapore the answers to those questions are a resounding yes. Another important reason to get an MBA in Singapore is the skyrocketing businesses that call Singapore home. Long considered to be one of the “Four Asian Tigers”. Singapore is one of the rising economic powerhouses of Southeast Asia. It provides a changing and edifying backdrop for the study of business.

The final simple reason to study business in Singapore is the variety and quality of programs that are available there to a student. Once a student has made up their mind to pursue a degree it is always important to carefully weigh all the program options that are available. Singapore has a wide variety of quality options for taking an MBA in Singapore. Some top American universities such as the University of Chicago have campuses in Singapore. There are also many local institutions such as Singapore Management University that provide affordable and challenging opportunities.

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